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ADA and community signs in Nova Scotia
Attica Directory / Vinyl text on acrylic backer pane / vinyl
pete's to gogo / Laser etched 1/4" stainless steel plate with infilled painted text.
The Crofton House directory / Oak frame anodized aluminum faceplates with vinyl text.
Dispensary Plaque / Polished brass plaque painted custom colours. Polished name plates with applied vinyl. Installed with blind pin-mounts.
ADA with Braille / Acrylic photopolymer Braille sign.
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wayfinding signs

Wayfinding Sign systems are various signs used throughout a facility such as washroom, facility Lamacoids, room identification and accessibility and barrier free signs.

Effective wayfinding systems integrate brand identities with surrounding architecture, landscape, interior design and lighting; making it easy for visitors to understand the built environment. When you think about it: when visiting a loved one in the hospital you shouldn’t have to stop and ask for directions. The building should have environment cues that take you from Point A to Point B. We work with environment designers, architects and facility management to fabricate thoughtful wayfinding sign systems.

Eyecandy signs specializes in accessible, barrier free and tactile signage including blade and projecting signs and braille photopolymer.


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