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People say they can recognize an eyecandy sign. They talk about unique design, about exceptional craftsmanship. Perhaps the quickest way to sum it up is "remarkable". Literally. People talk about eyecandy's signs.

At eyecandy SIGNS, we think the element that makes a sign truly remarkable, more than just attractive and sturdy, is its ability to communicate. To attract attention, and then to convey not just a message, but a feeling - about a space and its purpose, its opportunities, about a team, an experience. Signs that communicate are built with more than creativity and expertise - they are built from understanding.

We know that understanding our clients is what will make their signs remarkable. It is the starting point and the foundation, and it's evident in our past work.


eyecandy took time to understand the needs of my business and were confident in their recommendations ultimately building a sign that expresses the integrity and values of my business.

quote Jenn Salib, owner
Pillars of Health