signage company Nova Scotia
Bish / Sandblasted HDU with forged cutlery finished with acrylic polyurethane paint. / sandblast
Frozen Ocean / 96” x 30” sculpturally carved HDU. Hand painted with custom mixed paints. French cleat method of install. / carved
Sushi Nami / Sculptural depiction of logo. HDU carved fish gilded with 23k gold. Carved cedar chopsticks, carved HDU surfboard. Circular wave carved from HDU painted with custom mixed paints and detailed with reflective glass beads. / v-carved
Turkish Delight / Sandblasted sign panel with hanging custom metal skewer. HDU sculpturally carved kebap. / sandblast
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sculptural signs

Adorning the urban landscape our sculptural signs are quickly recognized as landmarks amongst the cities we work in.

Relief Carving – Carving into a shallow plane to illustrate depth and dimension.

Using traditional carving techniques, we build visual identities that elicit a sense of pride.

Sculpture in the round – 3 dimensional rendering. Working closely with artists and environment designers we advocate communication excellence within the built environment.

Large scale public art installations are an engaging communications tool helping the public to better understand navigation and access space.

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