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RumRunners / Sandblasted clear western cedar with semi opaque stain on background. Painted raised graphic. Approximately 3 feet wide.
Sugah! / Sandblasted HDU with custom paints mixed to colour match brand. Surface coated with reflective glass beads.
Dr. Dan Stuart / Sandblasted HDU with sculpturally carved HDU additions. Painted with custom mixed paints. Installed with angle aluminum painted to match sign. / more sandblasted signs
Company House / Clear western red cedar sandblast. Sculpturally carved HDU canary. / sculptural signs
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Sandblasted signs are captivating. Unique textures, shadows and grains appeal to our tactile senses.

They capture the imagination of onlookers and in an instant will have set the stage for your business to impress a meaningful and memorable experience. Every material unveils a unique texture.

Clear Western cedar sandblasts exude warmth and are exquisite contributions to the hospitality industry. Amongst our clients are breweries, golf clubs, college campuses and resorts.

Sandblasted glass has a cool modern appeal. Frosted texture is beautifully juxtaposed against the smooth shiny surface of tempered glass. This clean and sophisticated aesthetic compliments contemporary professional environments.

Sandblasted boulders and rock give monumental effect and accentuate the entrance of an estate, community or facility. Incorporating the environment in this way is key to wayfinding success. 

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